Jan 24, 2011

Useful links of online geology resources

  • AAPG Bulliten
  • Norwegian Journal of Geology
          For current issue: www.geologi.no/njg/currentissue.
          For earlier published issue: www.geologi.no/njg/archive

  • For publications of Petro. Geosceince/Geology/Engineering
          ScienceDirect: http://sepmstrata.org/index.html
          Onepetro: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/newSearch.do

  • For Sequence Stratigraphy

  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Jan 18, 2011

Useful links of the benefits of the Student Chapter

AAPG Student Chapter Benefits

  • Free Membership and Travel Rebate: Free student membership is made possible by Chevron.
  • L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant: Qualified student chapter can nominate an outstanding undergraduate for $ 500 and $500 for student chapter.
  • AAPG Convention Activities: opportunities for students to present their research network with industry professionals, and attend field trip, short courses and career workshops. In addition, Student Chapter members can work at the AAPG general Store at the Annual Convention in order to earn money for their Chapter.
  • Professional Field Trips, Training and Publication at a Discount: $50 discount for the short course. Industry field trips and short courses are available at a significant discount to students. The AAPG bulletin and Environmental Geosciences are renowned industry publications available to members.
  • Visiting Geoscientist Program and Distinguished Lecturer Program:
  • Grants-In-Aid: Available for students currently enrolled in MSc or Ph.D programs. Aid is from $500-$3000.
  • Imperial Barrel Award: By participating in the Imperial Barrel Award, students receive a real-world, career-development experience, during their which the performance is judged by industry experts and winning team also receive cash prizes.
  • Book Gift Program: Active students Chapter could receive up to $250 in AAPG publications for their geosciences library.
  • Free Access to AAPG resources: AAPG explorer monthly newspapers and online resources.

Jan 14, 2011

Officers and Members

Chapter position
Chang, Ai-Chu
Uzuegbu, Emmanuel Ebuka
Treasures (1)
Treasures (2)
Secretary (1)
Secretary (2)
Public Relations (1)
Public Relations (2)
Bjorheim, Maaren
Damian, Laura Elena
Du, wei
Kolbeinsen, Anita
Finnesand, Stine
Olsen, Erik Magnus
Abdullah, Noria Badakhshi

Please contact Public Relations for chapter events and external connections.
Please contact Chapter Secretary for chapter membership registration.
Please contact Chapter President for all other enquiries.

Welcome from Chapter President

Dear all,

Happy 2011! My name is Ai-Chu Chang. It is my privilege to welcome you to AAPG Student Chapter-UIS as a chapter president. We are the first AAPG student chapter unit in Norway. The student chapter is located at Universitetet i Stavanger, Stavanger where Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway.

The establishment of the student chapter is through the kind help of Dr. Alejandro Escalona, Dr. Nestor Cardozo, senior geologist Knut Henrick Jakobsson at NPD, and is composed of many current master students at UIS. Hence, I would like to express my gratitude to each individual.

The goal of this chapter is to act as a bridge that connects students from academic learning to real life working application. To inspire students in such matter that could help them visualizing this profession at an early stage. At the same time, this chapter wishes to provide a bridge that helps students to connect not only locally but also globally as well.

2011 is the first operating year for this chapter and for sure it will be an exciting year for all the students as well.  I am looking forward meeting you in any our upcoming events.

Warm regards,

Ai-Chu Chang
Ai-Chu Chang
President of the AAPG student chapter, UIS